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Boojho Game

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Boojho presents a new entertaining unique word game. Stressing your brain improve its response time and you do it best with this game. The categories and words are almost infinite. Supercharge your vocabulary and grammar skills with this incredible mind blowing game. Boojho links and connects you with your friends, family, and new players from around the whole world. You can simply do this through connecting via social media apps like Facebook. Similarly, you can create your own group of friends by adding and them during gameplay. The gameplay gives you the opportunity to strongly practice your vocabulary and enhance your word knowledge of the English language in fun, exciting, and addictive ways. Thanks to Boojho, this is done by introducing popular categories; such as animals, countries, celebrities, movies, and general vocabulary. Boojho does not differentiate age; it is a game uniquely designed to fit all age groups. Boojho has in its index over 200,000+ words imported with non-stop updates of newer words and categories. Keep track of your scores through our user-friendly leaderboards and pointing tables. Try to maintain a good win to lose ratio. You can practice your words in practice mode before challenge your friends by inviting them.


Practice mode:
Undoubtedly, practice makes perfect. Choose the category of your interest and start practicing and developing your vocabulary skills with endless fun words. Sometimes you will be given a hint and sometimes you won’t be given a hint. An example of a hint, in movie categories, is:

Hint: He is a super hero that is funny and wears a red outfit.
Answer: Deadpool
But be careful, you have only 6 lives, therefore only 6 chances before you lose the round. Stay alert!

Multiplayer mode:
Challenge yourself, your friends or new random people from all over the world by inviting one another to fun games. The words are laying there waiting for you to grab and master them.  Start a new game and then choose which opponent you want to challenge. You can choose your friends or random opponents from across the World Wide Web. If you decide to play against a random opponent, you will be given two choices: manual mode and automatic mode. Choosing the manual mode allows you and your opponent to start a challenge by manually writing down both the guess word and the hint; while automatic mode lets Boojho randomly select both the guess word and the hint. You will also receive random invites from different people who want to challenge you. You can choose to either accept or decline the invite, but only the word junkies fear no challenge! Invites can be found in the Pending section of the game. Once you have finished the challenge with your opponent, the game score and statistics is recorded and found under the Completed section of the game. You or your opponent, depending on who sends the first invitation, can choose amongst various categories to compete against one another. Those categories include movies, animals, countries, celebrities and the general words of the English language. When you win or lose a game, the score is added to your records which represents how good of a player one is.

Scoring system:
Consider your scores as a scale. Bad score means you need to practice much more. Good score means you are killing it! Be the top player in the world by playing and collecting the most points, enhance your skills and climb the ladders to be the leader. Be sure to practice prior playing against opponents. The scoring system is divided into two: the Practice Games and the Network Games. Both of them keep count of the games you have won, and the games you have lost. Total score is displayed for each as well.

Total score: 527
Games won: 450
Games lost: 177

During gameplay the score is calculated based on 6 lives, which are the chances you get for guessing a word. It is calculated as shown below:

0 wrong guesses = 12 points
1 wrong guesses = 7 points
2 wrong guesses = 5 points
3 wrong guesses = 3 points
4 wrong guesses = 2 points
5 wrong guesses = 1 point
6 wrong guesses = 0 points



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